Every year canola producers
lose money due to excess heat

Now there's something you can do about it

You’ve seen the impact intense heat can have on your canola crops. Heat blast from hot days and warm nights at the most vulnerable stage of crop development means lower yield and loss of revenue. Until now there has never been a way to manage this risk.


bushels lost in Western Canada in
2020 due to heat blast


of canola growing townships were
affected by heat blast in 2020


in lost revenue in Western Canada in
2020 due to heat blast

These shallow losses add up over time, costing you money
year after year.

We use sophisticated satellite data to give you simple coverage for your crops

With parametrics.ag Canola Heat Cover you are protected from the things you can’t change. Gone are the days of watching your canola fry in a heat wave, or worrying about fewer flowers with every extra degree. Traditional “acceptable” losses on canola due to heat are a thing of the past.

parametrics.ag Canola Heat Cover is the simplest way for you to focus on what you do best.


Data-driven Innovation

We’ve modelled thousands of farm yields and millions of acres against 40 years of weather data to provide you with the most accurate way to assess the risk of your crop during peak heat uncertainty so you can make the best choice for your farm.

We monitor and verify daily weather data through the world’s most technically sophisticated satellite and radar systems. No more relying on weather stations or mechanical sensors or almanacs.


Hyper-local Data

With our product you can see the risk for potential heat blast for the canola grown at your exact farm location. We optimize your coverage to the specific location of your farm, making sure you'll never pay a dollar more than you should to be protected against the risk of excess heat on your canola.


First of its Kind Coverage

It’s simple—you get paid when excess heat affects your yield, letting you stay focused on getting the best crop in the bin. When weather conditions start to impact your crop we automatically trigger a claim. There are no claims or paperwork to submit, no proof of loss is required and no adjusters.

Get a quote for parametrics.ag Heat Cover for your farm in less than 10 minutes—no cost, no obligation.

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Bill - Southern Manitoba

“The team is great to work with! I want to have a sustainable family farm for the next generation and solutions like this allow me to make decisions on how to get to that goal.”

Stuart - Central Saskatchewan

“My family farm needs to continuously adopt new technology and innovative methods to remain profitable and viable and I need a risk management partner that also keeps up with those trends to back my operation.”